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Report on onboard license consumption

I'm trying report on onboard license consumption so I can bill back to various business units.

I have two onboard CAs and would like to be able to have the CA as a column in my report...for further distinction.

I tried the "onboard certificate" report in Insight, but that seems to show every certificate that was generated, including multiple entries when user failed onboarding and tried again.   For my username, it shows about 50 entries, as I do a lot of testing.   I can get about 4600 rows in this report...and that's including a lot of duplicate devices.   If I take this report into excel and "remove duplicates" in the mac address column...I end up with about 3000 unique devices.

I tried "onboard enrollment" report in Insight, which seems to be more in line with what I'm expecting, but it lacks the CA info.   I get 2200 rows in this report.   



The odd things about the 4600 and 2200 rows in my reports....if I look at the Clearpass onboard 30-day rolling license says about 5500.   I don't know which number to trust.


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