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Reporting Date Conversions?

I'm trying to run a report based on the List of clearpass guest user accounts. The report would just list the Username, creation date, and the account expiry time. I know I can do this with an export of the accounts, but, We have a small staff and I want a daily report that can be emailed to a few staff members automatically. I can get the report generated but my issue is the dates are not formatted properly. It looks like they are formatted in epoch time and I'd like them formatted in a more standard format. So for instance I'm currently getting time listed as: 1340112687 And I need it to be: "Tue Jun 19 2012 08:31:27" I've been playing with the filtering and field values but I can't seem to get the right conversion expression. Has anyone else done this successfully on the reports that can lend a hand? Thanks in advance.

Re: Reporting Date Conversions?

Do you have a screenshot of the report output series?


The PHP date() function can be used, to get your format of "Tue Jun 19 2012 08:31:27" you should be able to use something like:


date("D M j Y H:i:s", $_)

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Re: Reporting Date Conversions?

That did it. Guess I need to go back and review PHP some more. Thank You!
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Re: Reporting Date Conversions?

in the chance the account does not have an expiration, you would want something that looks like:


$_ ? date("D M j Y H:i:s", $_) : 'N/A'


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Re: Reporting Date Conversions?

FWIW, if you want to customize the accounting table session start and stop times, you need a different expression value in the output series section.  The returned value is a timestamp in string form.



NwaDateFormat(strtotime($_), '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')

 Reminder whenever you update an output series fields format, you also need to hit save at the bottom of the main form too.


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