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Roaming between controllers on Guest SSID with Captive Portal

Hello All,


Here is a quick outline of the issues. We had 3 floors in a building and using a pair of 3200 controllers in VRRP we were able to get full coverage of the office. We recently expanded to 3 more floors, and installed another set of 3200s in the same VLAN. It shares the same 3 VLANs, Guest, MGMT, and Employee. The employee network is working fine as when the user moves between floors the OS is able to reauthenticate via EAP-TLS and the user does not notice.


Or issue is that since the captive portal is configured for the Guest network, a user on this network will have their connections dropped and be foreced to re-authenticate to the network.


Is there any way to share network authentication state between controllers to allow for a device to roam between the two without having to re-authenticate? We are using Amigopod for our captive portal, but do not have RFC3576 features enabled.


We also have airwave, but are only running in Monitor mode.




Re: Roaming between controllers on Guest SSID with Captive Portal

You can enable Mac caching so that the devices can retain their auth status for certain amount of time :

This would work across different controllers
Thank you

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Re: Roaming between controllers on Guest SSID with Captive Portal

U may also consider doing L2 Tunnel between two working masters.

(The user DB is internel on each master ..thats why your clients need to re-auth when passing from controller to controller)


How to? More info



Some more relevent info: (AirHeads)



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