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Rogue AP and Device profiling using ClearPass

Can ClearPass be used as a rogue AP and device detection server?  We have several locations with /22 subnets.  Is it possible to setup ClearPass to do regular scans on these networks?  We'd specifically like to detect if a rogue AP was plugged into the network.  Would the ClearPass nmap scans handle this, or would we also need to implement supplemental scanning techniques such as DHCP fingerprinting?  Do I need to setup seed devices, or can my ClearPass server handle the scans remotely?

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Re: Rogue AP and Device profiling using ClearPass

Hi, ClearPass can do on-demand or schedualed network scans from CPPM > Configuration > Profile and Network Scan (note: need CPPM 6.7).


For rogue detection and mitigation you would need Aruba AirWave.  CPPM will only scan the network and profile connected devices.

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