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SMS Gateway Using Custom HTTP Handler

Hey Guys,


We managed to configure SMS over SMTP however the sender ID thing is not wokring with this vendor. Now we've a new vendor who has given us our desired sender ID however this vendor doesn't support SMS over SMTP but it does support HTTP handler.


I am wondering what we need to put in the Service URL with all those @<TEXT>@ things. I got a URL that I tried to put in the Service URL field but it just sends a message to my number because it has my number in it. 


Can anyone provide me a sample URL removing your confidential details?




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Re: SMS Gateway Using Custom HTTP Handler

You need to ask your SMS gateway supplier for their API documentation.


But if you do have an example URL for http GET, then all you need is right there in the ClearPass GUI:


The URL template to use when sending a message. Use the following items in the template:
  @USERNAME@ – Service Username
  @PASSWORD@ – Service Password
  @FROM@ – SMS Source Address
  @TO@ – Recipient
  @MESSAGE@ – Message
  @MESSAGE_ENC@ – Message that has already been URL encoded 


So to my example:

> https ://


 - bleh - gave up trying to non-hyperlink it :) 


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Re: SMS Gateway Using Custom HTTP Handler

Just what I needed! 


Its working for me now, for others benefit, I am pasting the URL of the service we are using (NEXMO).<SenderIDifYouHave>&to=@TO@&text=@MESSAGE@


api_secret is your Service Password.

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