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SMS Gateway

Morning All


We are changing our Guest Access registration methods to include an option where users can provide a Mobile number and have the credentials sent to them via SMS.


The first question I have, (Im sure there will be a few) would be to UK users - who are you using for your SMS gateway service?

Ideally Id be looking for the easiest set up option possible as Im not a developer..

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Re: SMS Gateway



I am not from UK but I could easily add a SMS Gateway to ClearPass guest (*without any developer skill).


The typical format of SMS Gateway which any Service Provider shares will be as below (like a URL)*******&Sid=TestIND&Message=TestMessage:TestingbyMe&Number=44**********


You may have to split it into different fields when you add it in ClearPass Guest module (Attaching ClearPass SMS Gateway Configuration screenshots for the above example, for your reference). Once it is added you can test it by sending a test message


Hope it helps



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Re: SMS Gateway

Thanks for that, I will have a read and give it a go..


everyday is a school day :-)

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