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SMS over SMTP on 3.9

I have been working through a setup of 3.9 ClearPass Guest and am having a problem where I cannot send SMS messages ver SMTP. When I send them through my email server (OS X Server), I get a message that it doesn't have a subject. I can send email through the same server with an email client and no subject to the SMS service on AT&T and it works fine. I have compared this against the same setup on 3.7 Amigopod (going through a different mail server) and I can't see any differences. The 3.7 works fine.


Any ideas? Is it possibly a change in 3.9 that I didn't setup something?



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Re: SMS over SMTP on 3.9

The SMTP processor has never sent a subject for SMS.  Everything is in the body and we have not experience any complaints.  Check the settings of your mail server to make sure it would not deny no-subject messages. 


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