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SSL Certificate Expired, Make Windows got problem

Hi Airhead,

i got problem with windows user, i used 802.1x authentication windows user got problem with autentication to connect network aruba.


and i reach Aruba TAC and see the problem with SSL certificate expired, so why just windows user got problem but, the user android, ios, mac, linux reach the network aruba.


what the solution beside renewal the SSL certificate ?

can used the self certificate form windows server or linux ?



Ratih Apsari

Re: SSL Certificate Expired, Make Windows got problem

We'll need to understand a bit more information about your deployment but if I take a guess I suspect this is the certificate used for machine authentication. The mobile devices I suspect aren't doing machine authentication so there for not having issues. 


If you take a look at the certificate, show is the Trusted CA? They will need to generate a new certificate for you if the existing one has expired. 


If you are using the Aruba certificate then follow the below:

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: SSL Certificate Expired, Make Windows got problem

That is because all of those other operating systems will allow you to operate with an expired certificate.  Windows is a system used in the enterprise and it has protection to ensure that you are not compromised because of an expired certificate.  


If someone puts up an SSID that looks exactly like yours with an expired certificate, they could easily allow your users to connect to the fake SSID and collect all of their usernames and passwords.


When your Radius Server was built, a user generated a server certificate.  You need to generate another certificate that is trusted by your Windows Devices. 

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