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SSL Certificate redirect loop with Aerohive AP's for Guest Access Portal

I've just installed an SSL certificate on our clearpass server so when guests visit the portal, they're not requested with pop ups warning about untrusted sites etc. On our aerohive controller, we were redirecting them to the external IP of box (this box is published to the web for authentication) which worked fine before. 


Since putting on the certificate and using the DNS name we've given it for the redirect instead of the IP, when the user connects to the SSID and the redirect kicks in, the browser gets caught in an endless loop and refreshes the "please wait while we load your page" and never loads the login. 


As a note, the box does resolve correctly and internally to our network it shows up fine as a valid certificate. I noticed when looking at the certificate it's bringing in on the browser belongs to the Aerohive AP but i can't seem to work out if it's a clearpass guest issue or the Aerohive. 


If anyone has any experience with this then any help would be greatly appreciated as i've hit a brick wall with this :)



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Re: SSL Certificate redirect loop with Aerohive AP's for Guest Access Portal

is the client in the guest network able to translate that hostname.domain to the clearpass? you might try again with the old certificate (though i cant believe that has an effect) and then introduce the hostname.domain, perhaps try with hostname.domain on http instead of https also.

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