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SSO for Clearpass Guest, but not for me

I am using  SSO to allow access to Clearpass Guest (mactrac, create guest users,etc.) from my campus web portal, works pretty well but I also would sometimes like to log in to Clearpass Guest using my local credentials for Clearpass (like my clearpass admin users, airgroups admins). These are local logins, not neccisarily users on the SSO provider.  Is there a way to allow a backdoor login screen for Clearpass Guest that wont force authenticaion thru SSO provder?   For instance Clearpass Guest will automatically allow a user coming from Policy Manager to gain access to Clearpass Guest.  Can I have both SSO and a backdoor login screen avalible for Clearpass Guest?




Re: SSO for Clearpass Guest, but not for me

As of today no. I do believe there is a feature request in.
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Re: SSO for Clearpass Guest, but not for me

ok, cool at least I wont waste more time trying to track it down. 

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