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Salesforce Webhook Integration

Hi All!


I have had a last minute request from a partner to assist with Salesforce integration. Essentially, they want information about their guests sent through to marketing campaigns in Salesforce. I've created an Endpoint Contect Server and associated action but I keep seeing errors during successfull authentication as shown below:


5-01-5565db08] INFO Core.PETaskGenericEnfProfileBuilder - App enforcement (Generic) profiles used: Send to Salesforce
2015-05-27 15:56:08,163 [RequestHandler-1-0x7f3d64d65700 h=225 c=R00000005-01-5565db08] INFO Core.PETaskGenericEnfProfileBuilder - UnknownParams to fetch for AppEnfProfiles(Generic): : GuestUser:Email, GuestUser:apgroup...


My context server is Generic HTTP and my action POST, using a URL supplied by their Salesforce host (third party) and they provided the field names I'm to match in my POST. They requested a content-type of text/html; charset=UTF-8 that I've added to the action. See below:


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.04.20.png


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.04.28.png


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.04.53.png


Any help would be appreciated!

Any amount of Kudos will be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Salesforce Webhook Integration

The formatting gof your content TAB needs to be adjusted.


It should be something more like this with ',' seperation for the fields......


{ 'MessageBody':' The user %{Endpoint:Owner} logged in with the device %{Endpoint:Model} running the OS version %{Endpoint:OS Version} with MAC address %{Connection:Client-Mac-Address-NoDelim} ',
'ApplicationName':'Airwatch' }

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Re: Salesforce Webhook Integration

Sorry for the delay. This hasn't worked I'm afraid, same error. Essentially, I want to create a HTTP POST. For example where var1 & 2 are variables taken from the authentication attempt.
Any amount of Kudos will be greatly appreciated!!!
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