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Searching for a username within Insight (6.6)


This used to be possible pre 6.6, however I can't see how to do it in the new Insight interface.


I am trying to search for when a username last connected on any device.


The main search seems to default to "in last 1 week" with no way to extend this. I know I need to search from at least a month ago. My logs should go back 6 months at least - ideally I would like to search all of it.


The data retrieved from a successful search is also quite poor. I have tested with my own username, and the data it pulls out seems quite sparse. Although it gets the number of devices that have connected (in past week), it doesn't show the date/times. Also although the MAC addresses of the endpoints are 'clickable', they don't actually do anything so I can't drill down.


This is very frustrating as I really need to track when this user last connected and with what device. Can anyone help?


Clearpass on 3x CP-HW-25k - the Insight Master is not the publisher.

Using RADIUS authentication, eduroam SSID.

Cisco WiSM2 8.0.132

Cisco Prime 2.2


Re: Searching for a username within Insight (6.6)


an Aruba employee replied that the search 6.5 search features might be re integrated but in 6.7 only. (see link)


As of now, I would suggest that you do a report just for this user and you enable raw date output.


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Re: Searching for a username within Insight (6.6)

Thanks! :-)

That did the trick, and will do until we get proper searching capabilities back in 6.7.

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