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Self Registration Help

My company has a kiosk at the security desk in all 3 corporate buildings for guests to register for physical access. I am trying to integrate the self registration process into those kiosks. I am using the default guest_register and guest_register_receipe pages with one field added. "Login to a NAS server" is disabled. Another vendor's application, Honeywell Lobbyworks, runs on the kiosks. It has a touchscreen link that can be customized to open a specific website in the kiosk's browser which is currently IE 7 and is set to the guest register page.

Here's the problem: The 1st guest user registers fine, but when the 2nd guest user opens the register page again the 1st user's registration info is still displayed. I found the info is kept in something local, either temp internet file or a cookie. I opened a TAC case and they suggested I add a javascript line to the end of the receipe page that closes the browser automatically after 15 seconds. This doesn't fix the issue, but if I set the browser to delete temp internet files on exit it works as long as I've opened IE from a shortcut or link outside the Lobbyworks interface. When I let Lobbyworks open the page and the browser closes on its own it causes a runtime error in Lobbyworks. :(

Seems like there should be an easier way to do this. Does anybody know anything that can be modified on guest_register or guest_register_receipe to fix this? Seems like I'm almost going to have to learn javascript to figure out how.
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Re: Self Registration Help

Go to Customization> Forms and Views. Find the Form that you want to edit (in my case it is aruba_guest_register). Click on edit fields. Find the field that you do not want the data to show up in (I picked Visitor_Name, for example and edit it). in Advanced Properties, click on the "show advanced properties" checkbox. Go down to Disable Auto-Complete and enable the checkbox next to "Disable browser auto-completion within the field" Click on Save Changes.

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