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Self-Registration vs Network Login

Hello Everyone. Forgive me if this is basic. I set up a guest network controlled by ClearPass. I've got it working so that the user is able to request a guest id/password and have the result sent back to his/her email id ... and then log in. But every time I try to connect to the guest SSID, it defaults to the Self-Registration Page. Now this may not be that bad because on that page, there is a link where you can click and go to the "Network Login" page. But what determines the default page that the user is sent to, and how can I change it to be the Network Login page?

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Re: Self-Registration vs Network Login

Never mind. Controlled by Captive Portal url setting in Controller or AP. In ClearPass Guest, you go to Configuration --> Pages --> Web Logins. Then you click on your web login page name and then click on "Edit". You then use the "page name" in the Login Editor in the form "/guest/page_name.php" to form the url. You then place this url in the Controller or AP.

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Re: Self-Registration vs Network Login

That is correct, you could also configure captive portal authentication with mac caching,if the user reconnects, the device could do mac auth, instead of doing the network login again. 

these steps should help you:




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Re: Self-Registration vs Network Login

Yes, Mac Authentication would indeed be another possibility. Thanks so much for responding!

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