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Self registration+Mac authentication + Mac Caching with Cisco WLC

Hi Team,

I want to set up Self registration+Mac authentication + Mac Caching  using  Cisco WLC for the guest users .

The flow should be as follows .


* * Guest users hits on the SSID and redirected to self registration page 

        - option for providing ,name , email and phone number

* * Alternative option for   social login authentication instead of self registration

* * After authentication and association ( via self-registration /social login method) , guest should able to   connect transparently without prompting for authentication cation or redirection for a period of 1 month( Mac authentication).


Which approach I can adopt to implement this solution ?


Do I need to go with multiple services or a  single service with multiple rules ?

Any default template can be used ?





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Re: Self registration+Mac authentication + Mac Caching with Cisco WLC

You will need multiple services for this :
1 - Social Login Authentication (Use the Social Login Template)
2 - Mac auth service for the Mac caching

Make sure you configure your controller to do Mac filter failure

And in CPPM do the following :
Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration » <Your Server> » Service Parameters » Radius Server » Security
Change the Reject Packet Delay from 5 to 0
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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