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Sending SNMP Traps to ClearPass



I'm trying to setup ClearPass to receive SNMP trap messages from our Cisco switches for MAC Address changes on switch ports. We are using SNMPv3 on all our switches and we are using authNoPriv with SHA as out auth protocol.


In ClearPass we have the correct SNMPV3 Trap username, Auth Protocol and Auth key set correctly with Encryption disabled and no Encryption protocol set. When I go to test sending traps to ClearPass all I can see are Warnings under Monitoring -> Even Viewer. For every trap that is sent from any switch I get this warning message:


Ignore bad SNMP trap from <SWITCH_IP>/64604. Error=Unknown security name (1404)


I've tried looking online and in the CPPM User guide for this event message and error code, but I've been unsuccessful. I'm not sure where to look next or what to do.



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Re: Sending SNMP Traps to ClearPass

Same issue here, and when I asked support about it they asked me why I want to send snmp traps to clearpass. I asked if I should be sending traps to CP or not and they kept askin gwhy I wanted to.


Pretty frustrating.


Re: Sending SNMP Traps to ClearPass

Are you trying to use OnConnect?

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Re: Sending SNMP Traps to ClearPass

Hi, Tim


No, I am not trying to use OnConnect.



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Re: Sending SNMP Traps to ClearPass

Did you get anywhere with this? Same issue.

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