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Session filter MAC Auth



I am using ClearPass Guest and Instant.

I am trying to put account and session filters on an operator account so he can only see those which have "sponsor_name=Demo" set. I'm sending the sponsor_name value by using the register form.


For the account filter, I don't have any problem and it's working as expected. And when the guest is authenticated from the captive portal, I can see the active session on the operator account so it's okay.


The problem is when the guest is doing mac auth :


I cannot see the guest anymore in the active session list whereas I can see it when using the admin account. I tried to display the sponsor_name value in the table and it's empty so that's why...


How can I add it to the endpoint ? I have the endpoint:Sponsor Name value set by I don't know if I can use it for session filter...


Also, I think I saw that it was impossible to display the username and not the mac address in active sessions for mac auth using Instant. Could you confirm ?


Thanks a lot.





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Re: Session filter MAC Auth

Everything is resolved since I updated Instant to the firmware ! Perfect :)

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