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Set expiration DT of self-reg Guest account to match expiration DT of an existing account

I have a customer migrating to a ClearPass solution. They are looking for a guest solution for their many on-campus conferences.


How they’ve been doing it (and, most important, how they want to do it with ClearPass)

  1. A single, shared guest user account is created for each upcoming conference, with an account expiration datetime (DT) on the last day of the conference.
  2. Before the conference, all attendees are given this username/password for their particular conference, with instructions to login from a generic captive portal (CP) page (this page is used for any and all conferences).
  3. Upon successful authentication with the shared account, the attendee is redirected to a second self-registration CP page.
  4. The attendee self-registers, creating an account that expires at the same time as the “conference” guest account.


Have the expiration datetime of the self-reg account equal the expiration of the “conference” guest account.



  1. Utilize a single self-reg page for any and all conferences. There could be concurrent conferences with different end dates.
  2. No modification to the expire_time of the self-reg page

Issues and thoughts

Given that an attendee logs in using the conference guest account, that device’s MAC is added to the Endpoint Repository (ER). So…I’ve created a post-auth profile to update the ER record with the conference guest account’s expiration date (Endpoint: Expiration= %{Authorization:[Guest User Repository]:ExpireTime}). That works, so we now have the conference end date associated with the attendee’s device MAC record.


The Question(s)

  1. Is there any way to use this ER attribute to set the expiration DT of the self-reg guest account?
  2. OR…am I going about this the wrong way? Is there another, better way to do this?
  3. OR…can it not be done because…

Any help will be greatly appreciated…even if the answer is, ya can’t do it…and here’s why.

Thanks for your time and brain.

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Re: Set expiration DT of self-reg Guest account to match expiration DT of an existing account

We are also facing the same scenario. We would like the ability to gatekeep the self registration page but when the user proceed would like the follow up page or second captive portal to inheriate the expiration date.

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