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Several Questions - Authentication and Time OUt

1) I am a super administrator. How do I change the timeout value for the log in myself? I always get logged out.


2) In my organisation I retrieve new users data from a server via an LDF file. What happens if I add a new user manually when the existing database has a file? Who takes precedence?


E.g. Database imported file:

Name: TEST Email:

My own manual entry

Name: test Email:


Will my manual entry or the existing database entry win?


3) How do I check which attribute is mandatory when inputting users? For my organisation, department seems to be mandatory.


4) How do I check the LOGIC in which a user is assigned to which particular vlan? I can tell from ip address but I need logic.






Re: Several Questions - Authentication and Time OUt

I assume we're talking ClearPass.

1. Administration, Server Manager, Server Configuration, Cluster-Wide Parameters, Admin session idle timeout.

2. Not sure.

3. Administration, Dictionaries, Attributes. There's a mandatory column.

4. That will likely be in your enforcement profiles.


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