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Social network + Login and Password check

Hey guys, is possible when implementing the guest portal page to when the user try to connected with a social network, the clearpass check a SQL server to see if this ''user'' already exist(by the email from the social account)) and if not, prompt the user to go and complemeting the informations ?

User A tried to loggin the first time in the Guest SSID, the guest page opened, so they will see that its need a user and password or a social account(facebook), it will click on the facebook icon, receiving the confirmation and at the same time will check a external SQL server, if this account already exist, ok will pass, if not, (opcional)It will send part of the info from the facebook, like the first name, last name, email, phone-number if exist, and ask others field like (Identit Number). When the user register this information, it will be back to the login page and can try again, with a user and password or with social network account.

I can see that this situation will create a problem if the user use different emails for google+, facebook, and linkedin, I dont know if is possible to check if differente fields on SQL and if ONE of them match, it will ok/valid, like I will create 3 fields for emails, email1, email2, email3, and the CPPM will match with each one of the fields to check.

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