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Some (authenticated) 802.1x users are being redirected to a captive portal

A few of our wireless users are seeing this message throughout the day on our authenticated WiFi SSID. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

From a security point of view, if someone is successfully connected via 802.1x why would they suddenly be dropped into a logon role? The default role for our employee SSID is "authenticated".

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Re: Some (authenticated) 802.1x users are being redirected to a captive portal

Find out what role those users are ending up in and why.


Type "show user-table ip <ip address of user>"


The output will tell you how the user obtained that vlan and role:


Name: employee IP:, MAC: 3c:28:6d:05:c2:c9, Age: 00:00:27
Role: authenticated (how: ROLE_DERIVATION_DOT1X), ACL: 88/0
Authentication: Yes, status: successful, method: 802.1x, protocol: EAP-PEAP, server: ClearPass
Authentication Servers: dot1x authserver: ClearPass, mac authserver:
Bandwidth = No Limit
Bandwidth = No Limit
VLAN Derivation: Default VLAN

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