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Sponsor_Name for MacTrac?

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I'm trying to get Sponsor_Name for a MacTrac device, but am unable to see it when  I click the access session details.

I tried to add the Guest Device Repository as Authentication source, but still nothing shows. I can see some Guest Device Repository details under Computed Attributes, but nothing on Authorization Attributes. Also, sponsor_name is not shown.

Also tried to add Endpoint Repository to Auth and Guest Device Repository to Authorization, but then nothing about the Guest Device Repository shows.




Re: Sponsor_Name for MacTrac?

SponsorName is a default attribute for Device Registration ([Guest Device Repository]). It will only appear if it's being used in policy or enforcement. If you want it to appear all the time, change it to "Attribute" in the auth source.

If this response is more than 1 year old, it may no longer be accurate. Please consult official Aruba documentation, TAC or your Aruba SE.

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