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Strange licensing warning

Browsing through the event log on our cppm cluster ( as you do) and I noticed a licensing warning as shown below. Problem is our cluster has a combined license count of 70K ( CPPM 6.6.8 ). This looks as if 1 server is bleating (<m we do have a combination of 5K and 25 K hardware and virtual appliances. No idea which server it was, haven't got that info. Wea at ~2am so guess it was during some housekeeping chores


PolicyManager exceeded its license capacity. License count=5000, license usage count=8668 endpoints

Re: Strange licensing warning

Looks like the 5K appliance has had more than 5K endpoints in 1 day.

ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: Strange licensing warning

Does it matter when there's a cluster license ?

Re: Strange licensing warning

Before 6.7 there was a total capacity number for the cluster but there still is an appliance/VMs capacity for each.

The core lic are not shared cluster wide. Only feature lic. Onboard, on guard, guest. As of 6.7 access lic are now shared cluster wide.
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Re: Strange licensing warning

o.k. fair enough. Got an upgrade to 6.7.1 scheduled for 22nd March

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