Strange re-connect issue with android tablets (SM-T230 4.4.2) (using 802.1x)


Good evening,

(Controller = M3 , AOS 6.3.1.XX)

I got a question from one of my major client , He notice some strange re-connect issue (802.1x) with android devices of Samsung , Model:

SM-T230 ,The devices are tablets that running Android version 4.4.2.

the devices are able to connect the SSID just fine (doing 802.1x WPA2-AES)  , but once in a while or while going out from the coverage areas and then coming back , the devices stuck on "connecting..." without connect,the only way to connect them is to Disable/Enable the wi-fi connection on the Tablet.


In the Aruba controller , we do notice , the following log:

Feb 10 11:35:08  authmgr[2028]: <132207> <ERRS> |authmgr|  RADIUS reject for station tasmc1\tbl-18227efe0817 18:22:7e:f8:08:17 from server


on the server side - We also see an error:




Anyone encouter this issue?

what might causing this? ...If we Enable/Disable the client wi-fi  - it's back to connect agian as needed.


Please advise.


Thanks AirHeads

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Re: Strange re-connect issue with android tablets (SM-T230 4.4.2) (using 802.1x)

Can you try enabling user debugging for this MAC address?


logging level debugging user-debug <mac addr>

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