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Stuck in Captive Portal with Anonymous Authentication



We are trying to set up a captive portal where a user has to click "I Accept" to terms and conditions to be allowed through. Per Aruba TAC, in our Web Login in CP Guest we set the Authentication to Anonymous - Do not require a username or password. Then under anonymous user we created a local guest user account (1234567 as a test) in our CP Guest database to be used for anonymous authentication. 


Is there somewhere in the web login (Header or Footer HTML) or some other local where we should be referencing this user account? Currently we are not. When a client hits our captive portal and clicks "I Accept" the client tries to go to the Default URL but gets redirected back to the same captive portal. This continues each time the client selects "I Accept". When the client manually enters a different URL they are again redirected in Captive Portal.


Grateful for any help on this matter as I am new to working in Clearpass! Thank you

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