Survey and interest of custumers report

It is possible to create like qustions for example


If a custumer is in a mall and we have ClearPass Guest

When they enter to the WiFi

Besides his Name company etc etc


Also before logging asking a question for example


In what are you most interested in buying?

a.  Games

b.  Cloths

c.  Electronic(Tvs,)


And i dont know something like it


And then getting a report of what people are more interested in?


Another example could be in a school for example

What would you  like to eat more frequently on the cafeteria?


a.  Italian food

b.  Mediterranean food

c. Sea food


And then get a report of it...


It woudl be of great help for example i got a client which is a retail that manage Many many brands in here  of cloths.... accesories and all kind of thing...

They do a lot of showrooms during the year and this could maybe be helpful and also in the malls...


Guess you can also depending on what they pick they are more interested in the clearpass guest give him an advertisment of what he is more interested in? is that possible?




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp

Re: Survey and interest of custumers report



I haven't had time to test it on the new 6.1 but all the same features are in the latest build. The reporting will be a different since it will be ran though insight.


There should also be a arubapedia article on it. I will find out about updating for 6.1.

Thank You,

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