Swapping cluster master publisher - licensing

I've a 2 node clearpass cluster running 6.7.9. The master publisher is a physical box with the other node being a VM.


I've also another ( production) cluster running a combination of hardware/VM nodes.


I need to swap a hardware box from the production cluster with the master publisher on the 2 node cluster and am thinking of the sequence of things to do relating to licensing ....


1). move master publisher to VM in the 2 node cluster

2). remove physical node from 2 node cluster

3). remove physical node from production cluster

4). bind to (3) to (1) forming cluster again

5). make (4) master publisher


Will that also "shuffle" around the licenses so that I'll still end up with a set of licenses associated with a 2 node  cluster ?





Re: Swapping cluster master publisher - licensing



Yes the licenses are cluster wide, all you need to do is move the node to a new cluster (As you mentioned already), the license will remain the same on both the sides, if you need more licenses on the new one, you will just need to deactivate/delete that license from one cluster and apply it on the other.





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