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Synchronising network devices between cppm clusters

I have a production CPPM cluster and a dev cluster. People tend to insert new NAD clients into the production cluster but tend to forget about them for the dev one. Thought I'd try exporting all the NAD clients from the prodn cluser and importing them into the dev one. Generated a password protected .zip file and tried importing it into the other cluster. .... 


BTW the prodn box has ~754 NAD devices the dev one ~645.

Problem is that  when the improt sees an entry for an already defined IP address it stop saying that device already exists.


Other than

1). exporting the whole confgi from the prodn box and  overwriting the config on the dev box


2). exporting on both servers; unpacking them; doing a diff and using that as an import file


Is there any other way of getting these cluster NAD hosts in sync?



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Re: Synchronising network devices between cppm clusters

A quick external script using the REST API would probably be the quickest and most automatic way.

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Re: Synchronising network devices between cppm clusters

Cool! Just started using the API for other stuff. I'll have a try


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