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Syntax to enumerate Guest Operators Profiles



For a customer I have customized the pages for adding and editing AirGroup devices so they just see the fields they need to see. I.e. MAC address, Device Name, Shared Locations and the Notes field.

Each site will manage theire own devices and is assigned to an operators profile based on AD groups.


So far so good. Works very well.

But a few persons need the option to see all AirGroup devices in the organisation and I have created a separate profile without operator filter for them. But if they by default create a device for site x with that "global" operator profile the admins in site x will not be able to handle the device.

To solve this I have added the field sponsor_profile_name as a drop-down in the Create Device form.

In the Options for that field I have specified differend profile names.


But my quiestion is, what select2 syntax should I use to automatically enumerate the Operators Profiles I create and populate the drop-down?



Jonas Hammarbäck

All Operators profiles names will start with "ATV Admin". I.e. ATV Admin Site X, ATV Admin Site Y, ATV Admin All



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Jonas Hammarbäck | Aranya AB
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