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System Monitoring data not populating in Insight

Hi all,

Is there any trick to getting the System Montitor dashboard in Insight to populate? All it says is "No data available" for each server. All other Insight Dashboards and appear to work correctly and offer active data. Alerts and reports work as well. On the publisher and each subscriber I have enabled "Enable Performance Monitoring Display". Insight is also enabled on at least two subscribers including the publisher which is also the Insight Master.

The System Monitor info is correctly displaying on each server (Monitoring » Live Monitoring » System Monitor) but I'm looking for the 2 hour display in Insight.

We have one publsiher and several subscribers. All but one of the subscribers are 25k appliances. The other subscriber is a 5k appliance. Data and managemnet use the same interface.

Any "Insight" would be appreciated.




Re: System Monitoring data not populating in Insight

Probable no longer an issue for you but perhaps someone else stumbles upon this.

Make sure your VM's have 2 interfaces. Even if you only use 1.

Otherwise your system monitoring will not function.

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