TEEM LobbyConnect Guest/Visitor Management and ClearPass Integration

Team ClearPass,


Please find information and details related to a new ClearPass Integration with TEEM LobbyConnect {LCx} Visitor Management.


ClearPass has long had Guest/Visitor capabilities but a new breed of Visitor workflows and application management has become popular with Enterprises customers. There are a number of pure-play Visitor applications, these pure-play system are very focused on the Visitor engagement, typically via an iPad/Tablet based application, they focus on ease of use to capture the Visitor details, perhaps take a picture, verify you have read the T&C/RtoU and then, print you a badge you gleefully stick to your shirt/jacket. The issue and short-coming as we see this is that the workflow gracefully captures the details of the Visitor, but it fails to provision access to the resource that all Visitor/Guest need, the Guest-WiFi..!! The other technical challenge here, is these new Visitor systems are Cloud based….. So we have to deal with the challenge of ‘connecting’ a Cloud hosted system to an on-prem ClearPass without opening pin-holes in Internet facing firewalls.


The answer to the above and more are covered in the TechNote, but in simplistic terms we’ve integrated TEEM LCx Visitor Management to automate the creation and expiration of Guest Accounts inside ClearPass Guest. After a visitor checks-in to TEEM LCx, an account will be automatically created in ClearPass which can be used to logon to the guest WiFi, the visitor will be notified as per usual via Email/SMS of the account details. The clever piece is our use of webhooks as an event message relay to pass the details from TEEM through an Aruba Cloud hosted middleware direct to the customers on-prem ClearPass where the Extension uses standard ClearPass RESTful API’s to created and expire the visitor accounts….ClearPass Extension Magic.


We already have two other vendors in this space with whom we’ve had a lot of success, Envoy and Sine, we will be releasing documentation for these in the near future.


This TechNote covers the installation, configuration of TEEM LCx plugin, configuration of the Extension and integration in Policy Manager Guest.


You can find the document on the support site located here 




Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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