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Too many devices configured - Onboarding

Is there an elegant way for the user to be provisioned in onboarding if they have already provisioned the allowed number of devices?


In this scenerio...

IT allows 2 devices to be provisioned by each user.  User A has already provisioned an ipad and an iphone.  Today, User A buys a shiny new iphone 6 and wants to add it to the staff wifi.  (we use single ssid onboarding).  They connect to staff wifi and authenticate via AD.  They should get a message that they have reached their limit of allowed devices, and be redirected to /guest/mdps_portal.php as they have a BYOD Operator role.  They can then remove the old devices and enroll the new device.


Currently, in our configuration, when the user has reached their limit, the authenticate via AD and connect to the network. When they open a browser (wish this would autopop, by the way) it directs them to /guest where they authenticate again.  Then they are directed to install the certificate for the server.  This works, so they are then directed to install the Profile.  It shows the profile, but when they click to Install the Profile, it tries, but then gives a popup messages saying "Profile Installation Failed.  A connection to the server could not be established"  When they click okay, and then cancel the profile install, it takes them back to the page which (finally) says "This device is not authorized to use this service.  You have already provisioned the maximum number of devices: 2."


Does anyone have a workaround to make this process less painful for the user?  What are we doing wrong.  To be fair, we are a small IT shop trying to manage hundreds of BYOD users, so it is very possible that we just don't know what we are doing here.




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Re: Too many devices configured - Onboarding

What version of code?

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Re: Too many devices configured - Onboarding

Clearpass Onboarding


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