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Translate Clearpass Guest Manager



I activated the translation packages, but the Guest Manager Portal is still not completly translated.


Is it possible to activate translations, or can I manually translate this somewhere?




Re: Translate Clearpass Guest Manager

Hi paw,


My understanding is that in future releases of ClearPass translations will be much more functional. At this time, the experience you are having where some items are translated, but not all, is basically what is available on the Guest side.


In terms of the Policy Manager side, I believe this is not translated today. Not sure if your browser can do the translations instead, but might be able to change your browser language to see if it improves on the Policy Manager side.

Michael Haring
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Re: Translate Clearpass Guest Manager

For your understanding, yes most translations to non-English are partial where priority is in the texts that are end-user facing on the portal itself (frontend), then the guest manager part (backend, shown in the example above) and then more of the backend. There are over 10000 texts in ClearPass of which may be 450 are considered common IDs (frontend, guest manager).


During the translation process there is a permanent debate what part you want to translate and what you leave in English. And if you translate for example 'Back to Main' it is changed in every place where it is used which can look pretty weird in other places.


If you work for an Aruba partner, or can work with your Aruba Parnter, there is a page on Arubapedia for partners called ClearPass Guest Translation Packs. That page provides some more insight, as it show you that if you really want to have the text in this page translated, that you can do so with translation overrides (ClearPass Guest » Configuration » Translations » Translation Assistant).


You can work with your Aruba account team to even contribute to the translation for your language or request more translation in specific areas.


Please send me a personal message on this forum if you need to get into contact with the right people in your country.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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