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Translate Guest Registration Page


has anybody figured out a way the translate the guest self-registration page? There are translates for the Login page and Registration error. But not for the registration page.


Is this possible? when i activate to display all text ids, no one are even shown for the registration pages, for like the customer_phone, email, Visitor_company fields and there label descriptions and so on.

Re: Translate Guest Registration Page

Translation of the pages and forms are done in the Guest Self-Registration definition, not (yet) in the global translation.


You can translate the pages, and forms under: Guest - Configuration - Pages (in ClearPass 6.4) or Guest Self-Registration (6.3 and below), then edit your self registration.


On that page you see all components that make up the Register Page, Receipt Page, Self Service Portal and login page. You can create a copy of the default page and translates all required components.



For multi-language environments, you can create different pages per language (or company, or country, or location, etc...).



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Re: Translate Guest Registration Page

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Re: Translate Guest Registration Page

Is it still the case that the registration page and receipt page aren't translated by the translation packs?

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Re: Translate Guest Registration Page

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Re: Translate Guest Registration Page

Not all text is translated with the packs which is why I don’t use them. I have found it looks better to create a new page for every language and then use google translator to manually translate the “forms and fields” that are used for the registration and login pages. After completing the different language pages, create a new top level html page that redirects the user based the language setting of the browser. Point the L3 captive portal "Login Page" url to the new top level htmal page.


I left "document.location.href "  in the sample file so it can be used for multiple language ToS, if needed. 

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<!-- Begin
if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape')
var language = navigator.language;
var language = navigator.browserLanguage;
if (language.indexOf('en') > -1) location.href = <a href="#English"></a>;
else if (language.indexOf('de') > -1) location.href = '#German';
else if (language.indexOf('fr') > -1) document.location.href = '#French';
else if (language.indexOf('es') > -1) document.location.href = '#Spanish';
document.location.href = <a href="#English"></a>;
// End -->


<a href="#English">Goto English</a>

<a id="Spanish"></a>

<a id="#French"></a>
<a id="German"></a>
<a id="English"></a>


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