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Trend Micro Deep Security and Authentication Issues - A Word of Warning

As of late, I've had a few different issues with authentication as it relates to Trend Micro's Deep Security, both version 7.5 and 8.0.  These seem to be strictly limited to certificate based authentication more than anything, but I wanted to give a heads up to everyone out there.  My machine auth was failing and I had no explanation why.  No logs showed in Deep Security and even disabling the firewall proved no help.  However, when the driver for Deep Security was removed from the NIC, everything worked.  We have only theories on what exactly was causing the problems for us, as Trend themselves offered no help beyond walking us through how to create a bypass rule that we'd already created while trying to troubleshoot the problem.


So a word of warning.  If you use Deep Security with your RADIUS server and have weird authentication failures, kill Deep Security first before any further troubleshooting.  It would have saved me *days* of troubleshooting.

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