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Trying to speed up connections at a construction jobsite

So here is the scenerio. I have a 650 master controller in our main office in St. Louis.  We are operating a jobsite in Richmond, VA. The jobsite has two 10/1 DSL lines.  I had originally sent them two RAP-5WN to handle connections back to the office. They have an onsite file "server" (tiny computer replicating a folder from our office) and two printers onsite. They are seeing intermittent slowness when printing and accessing the file server. The server and printers are wired into RAP-5WN #1 and from what I can see, the intermittent slowness is comming from the users that are connected to RAP-5WN #2.  To visualize what is happening please look at the attached document.


What I would like to do is setup a network where all local traffic stays local and all other traffic gets sent to the STL office. We must have at least 2 APs and we are okay with spending a little money to make it right. Any suggestions?

Re: Trying to speed up connections at a construction jobsite



What forwarding mode are you using tunnel or split tunnel mode ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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