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Two HTTPS certificates

Customer already has a wildcard cert issued by a Public CA.  They want to have a public Guest login page using the publically signed cert, and for internal BYOD/Onboarding/Domain users they want to use a different cert.  This is due to naming (public domain name is different than the corporate one for this entity).


Is there a way to use one HTTPS cert for the MGMT port traffic, and another for the DATA port traffic?  Expecting the answer is "no," what would the suggestions be for this- SAN with entries for the different FQDNs for the two networks that ClearPass would resolve on?

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Re: Two HTTPS certificates

Hm. Not sure I'm following here. Why would Onboard users not be expecting the public CA-signed cert? Doesn't make sense as these users will not trust an internal/private CA-signed cert.

To directly answer your question, no.

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Re: Two HTTPS certificates

Not possible …you answered your own question.

Yes , use a cert with multiple SAN names
Thank you

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