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Two SSIDs and guest portal

Hey everyone


I have two SSID on my Aruba Controllers with are directed to clearpass guest portal. This setup was working on a older setup with our 6003 controller. Now running 2x7220.


One of the SSIDs are going to be assigned to Endpoint:Guest Role ID=2 and the other to Endpoint:Guest Role ID=3.


This is because access is one day for ID=2 and one month for ID=3.

My problem now is that under computed attributes both values show ID=2.


The controllers are sending out the same groups for both SSIDs, are this were the Endpoint:Guest Role ID=2 are comming from ? Feel kind of stupid for not figuring this out )-:



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Re: Two SSIDs and guest portal

Why not use a single SSID?

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Re: Two SSIDs and guest portal

Guest are just using phone number and SMS code for authentication. How would I seperate them ?

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