UPDATED - ClearPass 6.5 and CheckPoint TechNote V1.2 [IMPORTANT UPDATE]

I’ve published an UPDATED integration TechNote covering ClearPass 6.5 and Checkpoint. This is an IMPORTANT update.
When I was engaged with CheckPoint their plan at the time was to release a new code-train,  this was going to be the release vehicle for the RESTful integration. It came to my notice about two weeks back that they changed their plan and they have delayed the release. However, they have since released the REST integration into their existing R77 platforms via HOTFIX’s. So, I’ve built a new R77 testbed and have tested and documented this “interim” integration. Their are a few key changes, the URL POST path has been changed and the method to set the pre-shared password has also changed. I have captured these changes in the updated TechNote. 
Customer/partners you can find the document on the support site located here CPPM TechNote - 3rd Party Enforcement Points (CheckPoint) v1.2.pdf
Happy reading – go fill your boots..!!….. comments and feedback/suggestions graciously accepted.

Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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