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Unable to Auto Reconnect

upon initial boot up, the wireless get connected automatically. we enabled 'connect automatically' for the ssid.


we have a bridging policy such that the wireless will be disconnected when LAN is detected. when we dock our machine, the wireless will be disconnected. however when we undock the machine, the wireless will not connect automatically. we need to manually click the connect button to get it connected. 


is there anyway to connect automatically when we undock from the docking station?



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Re: Unable to Auto Reconnect

Which device is this?

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Re: Unable to Auto Reconnect

it's clearpass onguard with bridging policy being enabled. in general, when we dock our laptop into the docking station, onguard disable the wireless because of bridging policy. not sure if it's clearpass or wlc issue, but is there anyway to make it automatically connect when i undock my laptop? currently, we need to manually connect the ssid when we undock 

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