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Unable to get provisionning profile for wireless clients

Hello all. I'm doing single SSID provisionning using Clearpass and a Cisco WLC.

So far I'm able to redirect clients, download QuickConnect (only on windows, android doesn't work for some reason. I'm focusing on windows laptos for now) The certificate is provisioned and I can see it in the onboard lists. HOwever, when I get to the point to connect to the network It sits there and doesn't connect. I used the onboard wizard to create the services and I'm not sure where I went wrong. I just don't see the provisionning Service triggering in Access Tracker. My configs are attached for authorization and provisionning.


Pre auth works, as I do get the download. Just not sure if something is missing.


The objective is to get the users onboarded and then sent to a specific VLAN via de Cisco WLC. Which are mapped in the Asigna VLAN policy assigned in Provissioning service...


I hope you can help me since this has been a headache for me for some time now.





Re: Unable to get provisionning profile for wireless clients

When the device is trying to connect to The ssid after it was provisioned do you see anything in Access tracker ?

You need a service that it supports 802.1X with EAP-TLS

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Unable to get provisionning profile for wireless clients

I was able to finally map the users to the provisionning service by creating a Cisco-AV pair enforcement. HOwever. the controller is not quiting the "Requires Web-Auth" profile. And keeps redirecting to the captive portal, so I can't log in. I've gone through the guides available from clearpass step by step... but it doesn't seem to be working...


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