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Up to date Android/Google captive portal links

I'm trying to setup a pre-auth role for a captive portal that will launch the captive portal but will still allow access to the google playstore. I have not had much luck with this. I know I need to block access to but I have not been able to do this successfully.


I have a netdestination with URLs and subnets as well as a netdestination with * They are both added to associated access lists and added to the pre-auth role. I have the gstatic deny before the google playstore permit but no dice.  I can't just remove 172.217/16 because that breaks the access to the playstore.


show netdestination google-playstore

Name: google-playstore
Destination ID: 39

Position Type IP addr Mask-Len/Range
-------- ---- ------- --------------
1 name
2 name *
3 name *
4 name
5 name *
6 network
7 network
8 network
9 network
10 network
11 network
12 network
13 network
14 network
15 network
16 network
17 network
18 network


Any idea how I can get this to work?


I've run into so many problems with the captive portal lately along with trying to redirect. Not to mention I can't get safari to work at ALL when I use a CNA bypass. It's a nightmare.

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Re: Up to date Android/Google captive portal links

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Re: Up to date Android/Google captive portal links

Never saw that but thanks. However I would still have to blacklist connectivitycheck.gstatic in order to trigger the redirect yeah?


We're trying to implement onboarding with SecureW2 but how to construct the onboard SSID or merging that with our existing guest is proving difficult.

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