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Upgrading insight server in a cluster

WE used to run a 9 5K node clearpass cluster. This has now . been trimmed down a bit wby replacingsome of the nodes with 25K servers. 


We've also moved to cppm 6.7 with the new licensing model. current setup is


clearpassm0 - master publisher - 5K VM server  no auths 

clearpass1 - 25K VM - auths

clearpas2 - 25K VM  - auths

clearpass5 - 5K hware appliance - auths

clearpass7 - 5K VM insight server

clearpass9 - 5K hware apploiance - auths


We seem to be having some performacve issues with the clearpas7 insight VM  so were wodering, given that we;ve moved to the 6.7. licensinmg model, couldwe just move over to a 25K vm giving us moire "grunt" to process insight data without requiding an additional license 

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