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User recognition by MAC address

Along time ago with Amigopod 3.X  I had a redirect page running to recognise a users MAC address and then forward them to an appropriate landing page from there (either login or register).


However after deploying on 6.2 my config doesn't copy over.


{nwa_radius_query _method=GetCallingStationSessions callingstationid=$mac mac_format=$mac_format from_time="31556926" assign=session}

The field MAC populates from the URL fine, but the result of the lookup is always 0.


There is a user field for capturing the MAC on registration and the MAC Auth plugin has been enabled.


What am I missing?


btw I know about mac-auth the policy as well, I am using the above because I still need my users to hit the captive portal page.

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Re: User recognition by MAC address

Can you paste the rest of your logic as well so we can see the full context?  What fields in $session are you accessing and what is the end goal?


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Re: User recognition by MAC address

well... that is pretty much it...


What Im trying to achieve is:

  • When a user logs in, they are always presented with the login page (captive portal is configured to hit guest_register.php)
  • To smooth out the login process I would like to recognise the mac address (captured at registration) and forward them to either the login page (if mac is valid) or registration (if mac is null)

The above script is all that was required (minus the "if" statement) and is annotated as below


{nwa_radius_query _method=GetCallingStationSessions callingstationid=$mac mac_format=$mac_format from_time="31556926" assign=session}

 nwa_radius_query: Perform a lookup from the radius table on CP

_method=GetCallingStationSessions: Where the column is the MAC addresses recorded

callingstationid=$mac: and the value to look for is in the variable $mac (which is pulled from the url)

from_time="31556926": from the time period of the last year

assign=session: assign a boolean value to the variable $session


This config is valid on 3.9 and is still described in the 6.2 doco, however I may have missed something related to 6.2....

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