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VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

After verifying with several sources, when making a change on the controller to the VIA connection profile, those updates do NOT get dynamically pushed out to users of the current profile (may I suggest a feature update to make that happen, please?).  This forces a user to clear the connection profile and download the new one.  Not a problem with 1 or 2 users, but a huge a problem with 500.

Question, is the connection profile a local file on the harddrive that can be edited?  Does it manipulate the registry by chance?  I'm looking for a way to change settings within the current connection profile without having to clear and re-download it.  Changing a REG key or an .ini file or config file of some type can all be done through GPO/SCCM, etc.

This should be an automated process, but looking for ways to do this dynamically. Thanks!

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Re: VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

By design, VIA downloads connection profile after tunnel is established. Hence any change in connection should get pushed to client.


Can you please raise a bug through support channel, with details of,

a) version of VIA,

b) what all parmaertes you are modifying?



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Re: VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

Did anybody ever resolve this?  I am in the exact same situation currently and there is no way I can deploy this if the users have to download the profile manually everytime I make a change.

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Re: VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

If it is a change to a profile, the users only get that information when they connect.  So if you make a change, the user has to connect to receive the change.  They do not receive the change while they are already connected.

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Re: VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've yet to see a profile update after reconnecting.  Tried it on and updates. Only fix is to completely clear the connection profile, then download the new, updated one manually. 

I've seen the VIA software itself update automatically, but never a connection profile. 


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Re: VIA - Updating Connection Profile Locally

Ref to my previous post, can you please provide more details on issue. After your change in connection profile, does user able to connect using old connection profile?

Have you tried reaching TAC support?




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