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VLAN sharing for two controllers.


We got two controllers in production with first controller got more APs connected while the other got only few.

First controller got 47 APs and license limit is 48 supported APs.

Second controllet got 3 APs and license limit is 48 supported APs.


We are to move some of the APs to second controller to give space on the first controller.


The controllers are being used between two seperate buildings, both are connected(wired) to same core switch,controllers mgmt IP are on the same subnet/vlan, default routes for both controllers are pointing to same Gateway IP in Core switch and both controllers are broadcasting same SSIDs (Guest, Employee, Public)


One of the things I am trying to accomplish is sharing of VLANs from first controller to second controller.

Controller A has settings

Guest (VLAN 21, 22,23,24 & 25 )

Employee (VLAN 41, 42 up to 50)

Public (VLAN 11,12,13,14 & 15)


Controller B has settings

Guest (VLAN 26)

Employee (VLAN 40)

Public (VLAN 10)


Is there a way when we move some APs from First controller to Second controller, the VLAN Pool when users gets connected to these APs are still the VLAN Pool configured in First Controller.? We would like to retain the configuration for both the controller espcially on the VLANs as much as possible.


Or through IP mobility is this the closest  I can get to have this configured.?

Any help would be appreciated!




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Re: VLAN sharing for two controllers.

You can use the same  (identical) VLAN pool numbers for BOTH virtual APs:


Building 1:  Employee (VLAN 41, 42 up to 50)


Building 2:  Employee (VLAN 41, 42 up to 50)


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