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Viewing dropped guest authentication sessions in CPPM

Is there a way in CPPM, either web GUI or CLI, to see authentication logs containing the reason for de-auth or other reason for connection loss? I'm seeing guest user sessions get terminated at random times, and I can't figure out what's causing it. We are using captive portal with MAC authentication for guest access. Access points are IAP-305 and IAP-315. Testing with iOS (iPad) and Android devices and, althought the two vary a little, they both will display this behavior. Specifically, the iPad will lose connection when it goes to energy-saver mode and forces a re-authentication to the guest network. I Android device doesn't do that, but if I physically change location, it will discconnect (this is in a small office and I'm not leaving the building - just going from one room to another, always within twenty feet of the AP, sheetrock walls, no cinderblock, rebar, etc.). Any insight would be appreciated.

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Re: Viewing dropped guest authentication sessions in CPPM

Home > Administration Support> Application Log in Guest portal and Access tracker log in Monitoring » Live Monitoring » Access Tracker provide details.

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