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Visitor Phone Validator / How to Edit Parameters?

In my Guest Registration page, I am using a form that contains the Visitor_Phone form and it is showing a Validator called " NwaSmsIsValidPhoneNumber " but I am unable to figure out where this validator was created or how I can edit the validator. 
The issue we are having is it seems the validator is not liking a particular Area Code when a guest registers, and just kicks them back saying "Please Enter In a Valid Phone Number". 

Where can I edit these validators to see what they are checking against? Thanks. 

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Re: Visitor Phone Validator / How to Edit Parameters?

Taken from the Clearpass Guest 6.5 User Guide:


Validates a phone number supplied in E.164 international dialing format, including country code.
- Any spaces and non-alphanumeric characters are removed.
- If the first character is a plus sign (+), the phone number is assumed to be in E.164 format already and the plus sign is removed; otherwise, if the SMS service handler national prefix is set and the phone number starts with that prefix, then the prefix is replaced with the country code.
- The phone number must contain no fewer than 5 and no more than 15 digits.
- The phone number is validated for a valid country code prefix.
- If all the foregoing conditions are met, the validator returns TRUE; otherwise, the validator returns FALSE.


I don't believe this can be changed though, it is inbuilt in to Clearpass.

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