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Re: What is the Default admin password for Aruba7010 ?

EDIT:  If you use the mini-setup to connect to an existing MM, there is an admin username and password defined somewhere in the structure.  That should work for MDs that you have added using the mini setup.

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Re: What is the Default admin password for Aruba7010 ?

I am attaching console log. Can you tell me where is admin and password defined by the system?

How do I go back to set up full-setup. I just want to log in the controller. 

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Re: What is the Default admin password for Aruba7010 ?

I solved the issue from below site.


I will share procedures for anyone who have same issue.

During password recovery, those two are important. 

1) #local-config enable

2) Don't forget write terminal before exit. Some password recovery sample doesn't write terminal so that it cuases failure. 


User: password
(Aruba7005) #configure terminal
This controller is managed by a Mobility Master.
Configuration changes can only be performed on the Mobility Master.
(Aruba7005) #local-config enable
Warning: 'local-configure enable' should only be used for debugging. This will disableAuto-Rollback feature. Please use the command 'local-configure disable' after you are done.
Configuration Mode Is Enabled.
(Aruba7005) ^#configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(Aruba7005) ^(config) #mgmt-user admin root
Re-Type Password:********
(Aruba7005) ^(config) #write memory
Saving Configuration...
Configuration Saved.
(Aruba7005) (config) #exit
(Aruba7005) #exit
User: admin
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