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What to do when CPPM upgrade tool goes wrong


o.k. Ran the upgrde tool at 8:30 this morning on our 5 node CPPM cluster. Its now 13:55 and hasn;t completed yet.


Master publisher worked just fine and its back and running.

Out of 3 subscribers,


1 Has completed successfully

2 said "Failed" but they're up and running, and you can connect to them.  Also, if you go into CPPM policy manager they are there and bound to the cluster and are in sync.

1 Has been in the "reboot" phase since 11am and is still in progress. I can log into the server via the CLI. This one was our secondary publisher.


If I https into our master publisher,I can see everything but when I go to Access Tracker, I get a "database query error;please try again" message


Luckily I've reverted to the FreeRadius setup we;ve got so I haven't disrupted users but I'm thinknig I should have done this by hand.


So if my secondary publish doesn't come back in the near future, I'm thinking of rebooting it and using the CLI to flush out the database and rebind it to the master. Once I'm at the stage where I can see all cluster  nodes bound to the cluster  I'll (tentatively) try authenticating things to the cluster.


Incidentally the log files in the upgrade utility don't actually tell me why they think things have failed.

They get as far as


Removed task=91-check-license
2015-05-26-11-03-15 INFO Done processing task file [DIR]/common/bin/onBootTasks/91-check-license
2015-05-26-11-03-15 INFO Task=[DIR]/common/bin/onBootTasks/91-check-license completed successfully
2015-05-26-11-03-15 INFO Processing task file [DIR]/common/bin/onBootTasks/92-deploy-tips-webapp

Anyone else used the Upgrade Utility on a cluster of CPPM Servers?





Re: What to do when CPPM upgrade tool goes wrong



Pleae open a TAC case.

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